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 YBeep_Lagger // Jammer 2shared

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PostSubject: YBeep_Lagger // Jammer 2shared   Tue Jun 29, 2010 12:12 pm

YBeep_Lagger // Jammer 2shared

This is dazzas ybeep source as the name suggests,
first of all make sure u have the room name in properly and WAIT 5 minutes if you have just got voice with client(or messy) this needs 5 minute intervals be4 getting voice.(to make it really work good it needs to key up with no one talking)

this will lagg well enough to clear out the scum( wont hit major clients)
i have added a bots saving tool fr if anyone wants to crack names later

NOW i have to make this clear
Data Len1 is the first string size and Data Len 2 is the second string size
This is only for the RANDOM Button(so what ever you do make sure they either add upto 32, 64, 96, anything else will stop your vc stream and you will have to reconnect)
the PLAYABLE sizes of voice data is 32 or 64 or 96,
what this means is u can create your own string sizes to suit the different character you want to use,(the character will be added to the first Data Len as Random DATA)

ahhhhhh i think i have covered everything i need to im sure there will be complaints about something,, silent options are for ghost etc etc etc same as ybeep does,, i was bored so threw this together for something to-do

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YBeep_Lagger // Jammer 2shared
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